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College Chronicles of a High School Introvert

I would like to start off by saying that I hate exercise. More specifically, I hate sweating. I despise it with every fiber of my being. So imagine my surprise, and more specifically, my disdain, when I discovered on a Sunday morning that my new

Journey To Move-In: A Brief Vlogumentary

Hello Internet, Two weeks ago, I moved in to my dorm at NYU, which was pretty mundane as far as move-ins go. The week leading up to that, however, was just the opposite. Thanks for sharing with me. Jerry

Step 4: Waiting. Waiting. Wai…

Patience is a virtue. It really is especially when it comes to hearing back from your colleges and seeing if you get accepted anywhere. Just wait and be patient. Seriously. The decisions aren’t going to come faster because you’re more frustrated and anxious. In the

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