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Welcome Week: Serving our Student Retreat

When deciding which college I should go to, I heavily considered going to a historically black college or university (HBCU) because I spent the majority of my academic career at predominantly white institutions (PWIs). I grew up in an environment that made me feel as though I was

Big Campus. Small World.

“So who wants to take the first lea-?” Before my junior year tour guide could even finish, I was hightailing my way from the middle of the group, up the stairs to the fountain, kicking off my shoes, taking off my socks, and laying my

Thursdays are for Crying

Every Thursday the Art Institute of Chicago grants free admission after 5 to Illinois residents. So, naturally, as a broke college student, I go every Thursday to get in for free. It’s an absolutely unbelievable place; every time I go in, I find myself lost

Turn Around

Tonight, I stood camped outside of the fenced off Grant Park, trying to grasp floating earfuls of Vic Mensa’s Lollapalooza set. While I was standing there, I noticed a couple, in their early twenties presumably, also wandering along the fence, and I asked them if

Time Budget: How to Be Involved without Failing Classes

College may not have started for me yet, but going to the Academy taught me a lot about time management. At my home high school, I played tenor and bass trombone in eight different concert bands (pep band, pit band, marching band, parade band, symphonic band, district

Sebastian: About Me

  I think the most important thing I’ve learned this summer is that hardly  anyone, no matter how old, how wise, or how educated, ever really knows what’s going on. Which, as an incoming college freshman, is reassuring, because it seems that no matter how

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