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Journey To Move-In: A Brief Vlogumentary

Hello Internet, Two weeks ago, I moved in to my dorm at NYU, which was pretty mundane as far as move-ins go. The week leading up to that, however, was just the opposite. Thanks for sharing with me. Jerry

Five Tips for Roommate Survival

Since I was a little girl, actually since I was born, I have had a roommate (or “womb-mate”). My twin sister and I have shared a room right out of the womb and so I learned to share, adjust, and accommodate fairly quickly.  When I

The Life of Noah – A Kanye West Concert Experience

For those of you who are avid fans of hip-hop, it’s been a very busy past couple of weeks with the releases of Frank Ocean, Vince Staples, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Isaiah Rashad, among others. I’ve been listening to their albums pretty exclusively since

Leaving Friends and Making New Ones

   Hey there! Most college freshman have already moved in, but, here I am, sitting at home. I have to admit, it’s really depressing to see everyone else have fun with their new lives while I’m still being forced to do my family’s dishes. I

Welcome Week: Serving our Student Retreat

When deciding which college I should go to, I heavily considered going to a historically black college or university (HBCU) because I spent the majority of my academic career at predominantly white institutions (PWIs). I grew up in an environment that made me feel as though I was

Summer Before College

Depending on what kind of relationship you have with your city and family, your summer before college can be spent in a variety of ways. Most students are encouraged to spend a great deal of time with their family, as they’ll miss them in college.

Turn Around

Tonight, I stood camped outside of the fenced off Grant Park, trying to grasp floating earfuls of Vic Mensa’s Lollapalooza set. While I was standing there, I noticed a couple, in their early twenties presumably, also wandering along the fence, and I asked them if

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