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Step 4: Waiting. Waiting. Wai…

Patience is a virtue. It really is especially when it comes to hearing back from your colleges and seeing if you get accepted anywhere. Just wait and be patient. Seriously. The decisions aren’t going to come faster because you’re more frustrated and anxious. In the

Step 3: Applications Hell

I believe most of you have read Dante’s Inferno for an English class or just for fun. If you haven’t, here’s the briefest summary possible: Dante is lost, Virgil the poet shows him Inferno (Hell) and it’s nine circles, Dante eventually reaches Paradiso (Paradise). Guess

Step 2: The Search

Alright if you made it to step two in the college decision process that means you either 1) took my advice in step one and answered the crucial question or 2) you’re a rebel and don’t believe the first step is necessary. Either way you’re

Time Budget: How to Be Involved without Failing Classes

College may not have started for me yet, but going to the Academy taught me a lot about time management. At my home high school, I played tenor and bass trombone in eight different concert bands (pep band, pit band, marching band, parade band, symphonic band, district

Sebastian: About Me

  I think the most important thing I’ve learned this summer is that hardly  anyone, no matter how old, how wise, or how educated, ever really knows what’s going on. Which, as an incoming college freshman, is reassuring, because it seems that no matter how

Step 1: To College or Not to College

Most people think that the first step to choosing a college(s) is research. If that’s what you are doing right now, stop. Stop before you dig yourself into a deeper hole of despair, constantly questioning your worth in life and never escaping out of this

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