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Adversity Sucks: Keeping Your Head Up After Rejection

College, as everyone already knows, is very different from high school. This is a common and overused expression that you have no doubt heard time and time again, but it nevertheless continues to ring true. The first thing we are told as incoming freshman is

Dealing With Not Knowing What To Study In College

A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in a class in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University that is designed to help Kelley students discover what they want to study at Kelley and do in their future careers. I was excited about the

When Your Plans Crash and Burn

Hey Everyone! So for my first vlog, I’m tackling something that has been a huge obstacle for me recently. For the sake of posting, I had to split the video into two parts, but I actually think it works better that way. And please ignore

Products We Love: NoteBear

My College Adventures team loves sharing products, restaurants, or services that we all love and use. They can range from note taking apps, the best pizza place in New York, or maybe a local delivery service that will make your 4 a.m. study nights a

Five Tips for Roommate Survival

Since I was a little girl, actually since I was born, I have had a roommate (or “womb-mate”). My twin sister and I have shared a room right out of the womb and so I learned to share, adjust, and accommodate fairly quickly.  When I

How To Have a Long Distance Relationship That Doesn’t Suck

  The problem is inevitable. Every high school couple has to look it in the eye at some point in their relationship. It lingers in the back of your mind as you slowly but surely approach the day that your fear becomes a reality. “What

Welcome Week: Serving our Student Retreat

When deciding which college I should go to, I heavily considered going to a historically black college or university (HBCU) because I spent the majority of my academic career at predominantly white institutions (PWIs). I grew up in an environment that made me feel as though I was

My College Move-In List

Here’s a small piece of advice: if this is your first time moving out of your house and into a college dorm, don’t wait until the week before move-in to start packing. Unless you’ve been to this rodeo a few times and still have all

Thursdays are for Crying

Every Thursday the Art Institute of Chicago grants free admission after 5 to Illinois residents. So, naturally, as a broke college student, I go every Thursday to get in for free. It’s an absolutely unbelievable place; every time I go in, I find myself lost

Choosing the Right College: Why Rhodes?

Choosing the right college is the single most important step during the college application process. Scholarships, location, school size, and academic rank should all be factors in making your decision. No matter how much you love a school on paper, you have to make sure

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