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Product of the Week: Analyze

As finals are nearing, and papers due are amassing, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring Nicholas from with their service, Analyze to help you get the A you deserve. Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to interview Brian about his


If you’ve never seen the movie 300, you should. Yes, it’s violent, but it is also something you should definitely watch so you will understand some of the memes on the internet. If you still don’t want to, here’s a 15 second rundown: A Greek

Products We Love: NoteBear

My College Adventures team loves sharing products, restaurants, or services that we all love and use. They can range from note taking apps, the best pizza place in New York, or maybe a local delivery service that will make your 4 a.m. study nights a

Big Campus. Small World.

“So who wants to take the first lea-?” Before my junior year tour guide could even finish, I was hightailing my way from the middle of the group, up the stairs to the fountain, kicking off my shoes, taking off my socks, and laying my

My College Move-In List

Here’s a small piece of advice: if this is your first time moving out of your house and into a college dorm, don’t wait until the week before move-in to start packing. Unless you’ve been to this rodeo a few times and still have all

Step 4: Waiting. Waiting. Wai…

Patience is a virtue. It really is especially when it comes to hearing back from your colleges and seeing if you get accepted anywhere. Just wait and be patient. Seriously. The decisions aren’t going to come faster because you’re more frustrated and anxious. In the

Step 3: Applications Hell

I believe most of you have read Dante’s Inferno for an English class or just for fun. If you haven’t, here’s the briefest summary possible: Dante is lost, Virgil the poet shows him Inferno (Hell) and it’s nine circles, Dante eventually reaches Paradiso (Paradise). Guess

Step 2: The Search

Alright if you made it to step two in the college decision process that means you either 1) took my advice in step one and answered the crucial question or 2) you’re a rebel and don’t believe the first step is necessary. Either way you’re

Step 1: To College or Not to College

Most people think that the first step to choosing a college(s) is research. If that’s what you are doing right now, stop. Stop before you dig yourself into a deeper hole of despair, constantly questioning your worth in life and never escaping out of this

Steven: My Pre-College Experience

As I’m writing this particular post, I’m enjoying the closing of my senior summer. The graduation parties have long been over and your “real” friends stayed up long past dawn talking about past memories and future plans. The planned family trip has already happened and

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