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When Your Plans Crash and Burn

Hey Everyone! So for my first vlog, I’m tackling something that has been a huge obstacle for me recently. For the sake of posting, I had to split the video into two parts, but I actually think it works better that way. And please ignore

My College Visit Experiences

Visiting different universities is a great way to learn more about what being a student there would be like, but it can be intimidating. I visited 3 schools before making my final decision, and they were all helpful for different reasons. Hopefully my experiences will

The Cost of College & How to Cover It

Let’s talk about the most exciting part of college… paying for it!! Really though, I find the reality of the many complicated college expenses absolutely terrifying. My parents both went to college and then graduate school, so student loans are no stranger to my family.

Lee: An Intro to Me

Hi everyone! My name is Lee, and I’m going to assume that if you are reading this then you are trying to figure out what to do about college. I’ve been there, and my pre-college experience was somewhat unique. I ended up going to a

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