College. This is why you’re here at this blog right now. You’ve been researching all summer long to find your perfect college and factoring things such as distance, price, major, and career. However, take a look back at those posts again. How old are they? Probably 5 to 10 years old right? A lot of things change in those years, especially college. My College Adventures was started by incoming freshmen in college to help solve this problem. Instead of reading a forum talking about “what happened in college” you can follow our bloggers to give you the stories about “what IS happening in college right now.” Actually, as this about page is being planned out (July 2016), the founders haven’t even moved in to their universities yet. Well, maybe one.

My College Adventures is all about following the “real” life experience and adventures of actual college students living their lives. Along the way we will offer advice and tips and even answer questions our followers may have. We want to have an accurate representation of each university and the “college life” without being endorsed by universities to write just the positive aspects about them. This way our content will be purely unfiltered and not in any way promote a certain university unless we want to. We also want to represent as many universities, majors, and career goals as possible, so each week we will have featured writers currently attending a particular university, pursuing a majors or working a career to give you an insight of what a typical week would be like. Additionally, each year we will bring in new freshmen for you to live college adventures through. In time we will have a great collection of different college experiences and lives for you to live through and help make your challenging, college decision easier. If you’re confused about the whole college process (it’s okay, trust us), we recommend starting at step 1. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Start following a college adventure right now!


My College Adventures Team

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