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As finals are nearing, and papers due are amassing, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring Nicholas from with their service, Analyze to help you get the A you deserve. Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to interview Brian about his service and what Analyze can do for you. So without further adieu, here’s what he has to say:

The Interview

Steven: Nicholas, it’s a pleasure to have you here, so how did AcademicHelp get started?

Nicholas: Hi, I’m glad you have taken an interest in our educational venture. Well, AcademicHelp started out as a non-profit blog to help students write essays, with guides and samples, but then expanded into a full-fledged website, diversifying its content. It now has guides on all types of writing (even memoirs, novels, letters, poems, and more), countless samples on every type of writing assignment, a Q&A forum, a plagiarism checker, a citations generator, essay topics list, a huge glossary of academic terms, an assignment planner, and even services to have your writing proofread by professional writers.

Steven: How long have you been with Academic Help? What’s your role? Do you/have you used AcademicHelp services, products, or tools?

Nicholas: I have been with AcademicHelp since March, 2013, and was hired as its content coordinator. I make sure everything written and presented on the website is professional and correct technically, while also being a writer, social media promoter, and expert for our proofreading services.
I use AcademicHelp on a daily basis. We have so many great posts on grammar, writing styles, and samples of creative writing that aid me in my personal writing.

Steven: What are your most popular services, products, tools that you offer your customers?

Nicholas: Our most popular item on our website is our samples, though our guides come close. We have fantastic samples that show you how to write any essay, novel, article, and so on with professionalism.
Moreover, people can check their texts for plagiarism with the help of our free checker, academic writers are able to create correct references with our citation generator, and eager students can consult our huge database of essay topics to find the one that suits their assignment best as well as consult our academic glossary in case they don’t understand the task they are given.
The last but not the least tool is the assignment planner which can be used to keep track of the tasks that must be completed.

Steven: How long has Analyze by AcademicHelp been around? Give us some stats, how many people have you served etc.?

Nicholas: started as a blog in 2012, but became a full website in 2013. I personally have proofread hundreds of students’ papers, have answered hundreds of questions in our Q&A forum, and have edited thousands of samples, guides, and blog posts. I am happy to help students on a daily basis. It is a fulfilling feeling to aid others in their academic journeys.

Steven: Do the customers actually see an increase in their grade? If so, what’s the statistics?

Nicholas: We don’t have solid statistics on how students’ grades increase from the use of our services and tools, but I can say we have received countless messages of support, encouragement, and thanks from students and teachers alike.

Steven: That’s wonderful! What do you see in the future of AcademicHelp? Any new developments we should be excited about?

Nicholas: In the future, we might have an essay application that will guide you through the essay process as a tutor would, step by step, in real time. It would help you organize your content and guide you to write the essay you need to write. It would be like one of our guides, but in real time, adapting to your individual assignments.
We also foresee becoming more integral in universities and colleges. Teachers often contact us about using our material and recommend our website to their students.

Steven: Do you have any final thoughts for our readers about Academic Help?

Nicholas: Write with passion for your first draft, and edit like an indifferent reader. To be a good writer, you need to have a balance of passion and indifference.
Other than that, I hope you all enjoy our guides, samples, tools, and services, as we created them to help you achieve academic success!

There you have it, go over to AcademicHelp and see how Nicholas and his team can help save your GPA this upcoming semester!


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