Feature Week – Purdue University: Rutva Shah

After a fun night hanging out with my friends, I was so ready to embrace every minute of sleep I could get. Not even ashamed to admit it, I woke up at 12:30 p.m. To be fair, I had barely gotten enough sleep this past week, and I was simply catching up! At least, that’s what I justified to my parents when I woke up to a bunch of their missed calls.


With such a late start to Saturday, it was hard to be very productive. I did laundry, a little bit of room cleaning, and studied for my Calculus exam on Monday. After folding the last load of laundry, I met up with a couple friends. We went to the Tippecanoe Mall (again); to Sharma’s Kitchen, an Indian Restaurant in Lafayette; and to the theater to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby. Afterwards we went to my friend’s apartment and opened up the Kombucha, which is a fermented black tea known for its health benefits, that we had been preparing for the past week. It was finally ready to drink! Once we were done catching up, I went back to my res hall and called it a night.

Sunday morning I woke up early enough to get some studying in for my Calculus exam on Monday. After studying and getting ready, I met up with my friends for a quick brunch at Town and Gown (a cute and rustic eatery in Chauncey). I then went to one of the many libraries at Purdue University, Hicks Underground Library, to get more studying in for both my Monday exam and MCATS. After studying until about 5pm, I went to grab dinner and got crepes. Once I was done eating, I went back to my room, studied, and then went to bed ready for the weekly cycle to start again!

After a weekend filled with laughter and friends, I was reminded how much my friends have enhanced my college experience. When you’re no longer at home and your family isn’t down the hall to comfort and support you, the people you surround yourself with will become your family away from home. No matter where you choose to go, if you surround yourself with the right people, you will always have people nearby to put a smile on your face after a tough day.

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