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My College Adventures team loves sharing products, restaurants, or services that we all love and use. They can range from note taking apps, the best pizza place in New York, or maybe a local delivery service that will make your 4 a.m. study nights a bit less stressful and delicious. If you like these features/reviews, please don’t hesitate to go over to their website and give it a shot. They really helped us, so maybe they can help you too. If you’re a business that would like us to feature/review your products or services, head over to our contact page and shoot us an email. We’ll see what we can do!

The first product I want to review is an app called NoteBear. NoteBear was created by Peter (Pete) Allport who wanted a way for students to buy or sell not only notes, but skills as well. The notes aspect is pretty self-explanatory. Users take notes, upload them, set a price, other users buy the notes, no one fails, and we all win. However, the most unique feature is the buying and selling of skills. Unlike many online help resources for school ( or that provide online tutorial videos, NoteBear’s “instructors” are available for you in real time. Let’s face it, when it’s 2 a.m. and you’re trying to solve #23 on your calculus assignment, who else is up to help you and walk you through the problem to gain a better understanding than the thousands of other college students awake at that time? This is where NoteBear shines. When Henry (Pete’s marketing guy) contacted me through and invited me to be a beta tester for this amazing new app, I said sure, it sounds cool and very useful. When I downloaded the app and started using it, I was blown away by how intuitive the design was and how simple it was to use. When I finally got a chance to interview the creator, I was taken aback when he told me he made the whole app by himself. I would love to tell his story and journey for NoteBear, but I think it would be much better if you heard it from the man himself, Pete Allport.

The Interview

Steven: So Pete, tell me a bit about your background.

Pete: I’ve always had a curiosity for how things work. Fortunately, this has a tendency to produce inventiveness in people, and I’ve been creating things my entire life. I started programming when I was in elementary school and haven’t stopped since. Along the way, I developed a search engine for ornithologists, a feature-packed social network, a dating app with an interesting twist; I worked on Viewpost – an invoicing and payments solution – and more. But when it comes to NoteBear, these endeavors pale in comparison. NoteBear is the most sophisticated platform I’ve ever created and we can’t wait to get it in students’ hands.

Steven: How long have you worked on NoteBear? What was your inspiration?

Pete: I started working on NoteBear my freshman year in college. At the beginning of the year, I took a mandatory “intro to college” course, and one of the messages was how we couldn’t rely on others to be successful. This is a silly and incorrect notion. Of course, I’m sure they meant “you need to put in the work” or something, but that’s not how it was conveyed. So, I challenged that and spent the rest of the class drawing up NoteBear. I was struck by how consequential it could be – allowing students to collaborate on a new level, and down the rabbit hole I went. My classes started to become an inconvenience, and after I completed my freshman year, I dropped out. I spent the last four months refining and testing NoteBear to get to where we are today. It still makes me excited thinking about the possibilities. I feel like Buddy the Elf on Christmas Eve. It’s been an action-packed year but it’s nothing compared to what’s next.

Steven: Is NoteBear only available for iPhone?

Pete: NoteBear is available exclusively for iPhone and iPad. No promises, but great things are just around the corner.

Steven: Has NoteBear been featured anywhere else?

Pete: Yes. NoteBear was on BetaBound for our beta testing period and was featured on

Product Hunt, Monday the 12th.

Steven: Do you plan on making any updates to NoteBear? If so what can we expect?

Pete: While this release (NoteBear 1.1) is huge, we are planning on introducing some really exciting improvements over the next several months. I won’t go into detail, but everyone can expect anything from subtle refinements to exciting new features. We have some truly tectonic milestones planned for spring semester.

Steven: What do you see for the future of NoteBear?

Pete: On a high level, NoteBear is a pretty simple platform – it’s a medium for students to share their knowledge. You can learn more and make some extra pocket money. You can easily request to learn something when you actually need to learn it. You can capitalize on the note- taking that you’re already doing. You can treat yourself to that midnight snack. You can really help your fellow students with a couple of bucks or a couple of notes. It’s perhaps the most mutually beneficial app to ever hit the App Store, and it doesn’t end there. We want to empower students to perform even better – to have a reliability never before possible. I suspect NoteBear may be a catalyst for a more unified college experience, not just by connecting students, but in the long term, by connecting entire communities. The university is one of society’s oldest institutions but has had such an aversion to change. It’s about time we shake things up.

Steven: Where can users learn more or ask questions about NoteBear?

Pete: I highly recommend checking out NoteBear on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone can stay on the bleeding edge in doing so. One can also follow our Tumblr (if you’re into that sort of thing). We have a special video coming soon that we’ll be sharing any day now. But any questions or general help can be addressed by reaching out to or you can contact us in the app.




Steven: Any final thoughts?

Pete: I believe education is a ripe, new industry ready to be conquered in tech. I intend to be that conqueror.

Steven: Thank you for your time Pete, I am already in love with your product and can’t wait till I have access to more notes and skills. Frankly, I’m a terrible note taker and NoteBear would really help me through my collegiate experience. Can’t wait to hear from you and NoteBear!

Pete: Cheers.

Download NoteBear here and start making money taking notes!


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