Choosing the Right College: Why Rhodes?

Choosing the right college is the single most important step during the college application process. Scholarships, location, school size, and academic rank should all be factors in making your decision. No matter how much you love a school on paper, you have to make sure that it also looks good in person. I urge you to go visit every school that are seriously considering or any school that offers you a lot of money.

IMG_3941 [79301]During my college application process, I did extensive research before applying to all thirteen of the schools that I applied to. I knew that I wanted to go to a smaller school with strong biology and a strong foreign language department. I also really wanted to go to college out of state and I knew this couldn’t happen without some serious scholarships. So I researched
which private schools with large endowments fit my criteria, which led me to apply to Rhodes College.

I will admit Rhodes College was not even on my radar when I was deciding where to go to college. It wasn’t until I saw my financial aid package that Rhodes was taken into consideration on my list. I was really thinking that I was going to attend Purdue University, but it was definitely not the place I wanted to be. When I visited Rhodes, I was really scared I wouldn’t like it, and I would end up at some school that I wouldn’t be happy attending. As soon as I stepped onto campus though, I got this overwhelming feeling that I was at home.

Rhodes College will be my home for the next few years and I could not be happier about my decision. Rhodes is IMG_2985a small school, it has incredible professors, and really thought-provoking classes. It has a sense of community on and off campus. Most of all, it has great opportunities for me to become a better scientist, student, and person.

Every college has something to offer its students, but it is up to you to decide which college you want to give four years of your life to. Your college should be a place that pushes you to grow as a student and a person. Honestly, whichever college you choose can become your home and even if it’s not your first choice, it might be the best one. Which is why I urge you to try to follow the money, because it doesn’t make much sense to get in debt unnecessarily. Follow your heart, follow the money, and follow your passions and you cannot go wrong with your decision.


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