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IMG_20160528_214612Hi ya’ll!  I’m Ruth and if you’re reading this then you’re probably searching for advice about college.  Well, I was once in the same position, except the latter years of my high school career were probably a tad different than the normal high schooler.

Like the rest of the bloggers on this site, I spent junior and senior year of my high school career at the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities.  The Academy is set up to prepare high ability students from all over Indiana (and even some from overseas) for their college and beyond careers.  I can even remember Junior Move-In day like it was yesterday.

I stood on the edge of the sidewalk watching my family drive away, leaving me behind.  The fears and anxieties of the unknown began to arise in my mind.  Would I discover new friendships? Could I handle the pressure I knew would come? My dream of attending the Indiana Academy was now my reality.  I had lived in the same house all of my life and had never lived apart from my family.  Nonetheless, my home and family would now be three hours away.  I was in an entirely new environment, surrounded by strangers.

The actuality of not living at home hit hard.  I had to learn independence—and learn it fast. This was the first time I had to wash my own clothes or buy my own hair product.  I had to set my own rules about time management—would I hang out with friends, or would I study for a Latin exam?   Building and maintaining relationships with peers, professors, and church family now lay in my own hands.  My success fell entirely onto my own determination.

Reflecting back on the latter part of my high school career, I now find myself as a radically transformed individual compared to who I was before junior year.  I have friendships that will last a life time and knowledge that will lead me into my college career well prepared.  While the Academy life is hard to describe, I will say that I would not have traded the experience for anything.  It was in those late nights of studying and coffee breaks, 1:00am IHOP trips with friends, and early morning runs down by the river that truly shaped who I am today.

As of now, I am an incoming freshman at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois. I am majoring in Biology with the hopes of becoming a doctor someday (but that might all change depending on my mood that day).  I am also preparing to run cross country and track as an ONU Tiger.

I went into the college searching phase with really no idea where I wanted to go and so I applied to eleven schools.  After debating with God for a long time, I settled on Olivet.  A major piece of advice I would offer is go into the college search process open minded.  Don’t hate a school before you’ve seen campus or just because your parents like it.  Do a lot of research and see if that school is actually the best match for you.  Also, it’s okay to ask questions.  The Academy has taught me to ask questions until I know and understand the answers.  Don’t be afraid to contact people from a college with questions and concerns.   Bets are that you are not the only one with that same thought.


Well I need to wrap this up so leave me a comment with questions, comments, or concerns!


Until next time,


Ruth Nicholson

Ruth Nicholson

Olivet Nazarene University 2020. Biology major.
Ruth Nicholson

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