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Depending on what kind of relationship you have with your city and family, your summer before college can be spent in a variety of ways. Most students are encouraged to spend a great deal of time with their family, as they’ll miss them in college. Some want to spend time around their city that they’ve grown up in because they’re more nostalgic. While I’ll fill you in on how I’ve been spending my summer, I’ll throw in a few tips and ideas for fun and exciting things anyone can do before they depart as well.

My Summer

This summer has easily been my most eventful yet; I’ve been out and about and hanging out with friends at least a few times a week. One thing that a lot of people encounter near the end of high school is becoming friends with really great people right before graduation! I became close friends with a few people the last month or so of high school that I wish I would’ve spent more time with in the  past years. This summer I’ve had a relatively tight friend group that I’ve made plans with quite often. It’s important to experience fun things and discuss the future with your friends, as you’re all about to begin a new part of your own lives.

This summer I decided to indulge a bit, but it was 100% worth it. I’ve gotten to experience incredible concerts, eat practically life changing foods, and travel to new cities with my best friends. I went to Chicago for the very first time this summer! In addition, I went to Cincinnati for the first time, and I traveled to some cute, Hoosier towns for the first time.

Now that I’ve debriefed my summer, I’ll tell you some things that I recommend everyone does before leaving for college.

What I Suggest

Try something new with your look! Many of my friends experimented and got a new haircut, at least. Without the constraints of high school, people are able to achieve more personal growth. Do what you need to do to become more yourself. I dyed my hair pink and switched up my wardrobe!

Travel somewhere with friends. Going on road trips are honestly much more fun than they seem. Being able to organize a small trip to a new city with your closest friends makes you seem limitless, and I think that’s an important feeling to experience. If you don’t personally have a car, have a friend drive and pay them some gas money – it’s worth it. On the right is a photo that one of my many road trips led me to; unforgettable views are the best!

Save money for something you really love. I’m a huge fan of concerts, so I made sure I had the money to go to two this summer. Setting aside money for something you love is really healthy and it’ll help you get out of bed! Go go-karting with friends, see one of your favorite artists, go to an expensive restaurant if you’re a foodie. Treat yourself!! 

Get to know your roommate. Don’t save talking for move-in day, unless that’s what you prefer. I found and chose my roommate from my school’s class of 2020 Facebook page, so it wasn’t a completely random selection. Talk to your roommate and find out what kind of person they are. If you guys don’t exactly click, you can talk about the basics, such as how to organize the room.

Make time for the important things. Depending on what you value, this can differ. If you’re a huge family person, set out time to hang out with your siblings and/or parents. Catch up with old friends before leaving for college, if that’s something that’s important to you; it’s good to have connections. I’m a huge dog lover, so this summer I’ve taken my dog to the park and spent some quality time with her. 

Reminisce! Dedicate a few days to look back on the past. Drive past your old elementary school or go to one of your old hangout places that you had as a freshman. This summer I went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum for a day to remember all of the time I spent there as a kid. Looking back on the things that made you who you are will help you prepare for that step into college.

No matter how much time you have left in your summer, there’s still a chance to make it fun. Take my tips into consideration, or come up with something all your own! Make the most of what time you have left in your city; as much as you tell yourself you hate it, you’re bound to end up missing some aspects.

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