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Deciding where you want to go to college means your job as a college student has just begun. One of the most important things I had to do was sign up for orientation. For me, orientation was a time to sign up for classes, get familiar with the campus, and meet some of my fellow classmates. Orientation was an amazing experience, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to go.

In the days leading up to orientation I was a basket of nerves. I was so nervous about being in a new place and meeting new people. I had zero clue which classes I should be taking, and it just felt as though I had too many decisions to make and not enough time to make them. It was the first time that I felt genuinely overwhelmed about going to college, and I wasn’t even moving in yet. It finally hit me that I was going to college and heading out into the real world. As I was driving into Rhodes, I finally felt excited about the amazing experience I was about to embark upon.

Once I got to Rhodes, I clung to my mom’s side because social situations are not exactly my favorite; when I am around a group of people I don’t know I tend to not talk very much until I feel comfortable. It took me a while to get comfortable, so my mom took it upon herself to make me some friends. After I got over my embarrassment and let loose, I actually really started enjoying myself. The people that I met were so outgoing which made my orientation experience more fun.

Meeting my fellow classmates made me even more excited for the fall, but meeting the faculty members made me feel secure in my decision to attend Rhodes. All the faculty members were so supportive and helpful about finding the classes that were right for me. I got the chance to speak to a couple professors in the science department, and I was truly in awe of the groundbreaking projects they were leading on campus. I just felt like I had been welcomed with open arms into the Rhodes community. Orientation just made me so much more excited for the fall!


Orientation is an extremely good opportunity for networking on campus. Most people will wait until the fall to reach out to professors in their area of interest. I reached out to a professor in biochemistry to talk about doing research on campus during the school year.

Also, the friends that you make during orientation may not necessarily who you’ll be friends with during the school year, but they are great people to keep in touch with during welcome week.


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