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I think the most important thing I’ve learned this summer is that hardly  anyone, no matter how old, how wise, or how educated, ever really knows what’s going on. Which, as an incoming college freshman, is reassuring, because it seems that no matter how much I prepare and plan for the college experience I am still lost.

A few weeks ago, I went to freshman orientation at my college, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, or IUPUI for short. It was a two day, overnight orientation, which for someone with my circumstances was pretty intimidating. During the day we were split up into groups by major, so I spent the entire day with five or six other Neuroscience and Psychology students. At the end of the first day, we had a pizza party in the dorm building everyone was staying at. Once I got in line, the small group I was in dissolved into the crowd and I found myself alone. Luckily, the team running orientation randomly placed board games around the lounge area we were in, and I joined a group of art students playing the card game, Apples To Apples. While we were eating I was prompted to introduce myself.

My name is Sebastian. I graduated in May from an honors school for gifted and talented juniors and seniors called The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities (IASMH). I am originally from Northwest Indiana, and I was directly admitted to the IUPUI School of Science as a Neuroscience Major, but I will also be minoring in Gender studies at the School of Liberal Arts. I’m a first generation college student, and I’m walking into this without anyone in my immediate family having any college experience.

My first year at IUPUI I will be living off campus. Since I went to the academy, I already have two years of experience living on a college campus, and wanted to take this next step a little earlier than most. It’s almost always much cheaper living off campus than it is living on campus, as long as you don’t live in a luxury apartment! I also plan on getting a job during the school year. I have applied to several on and off campus positions but I’ve yet to secure one for the year, and I plan on being as involved with IUPUI clubs and organizations as possible. I also am known to volunteer frequently, and I want to keep giving back to the community during college.

My new friends from orientation had never heard of the Indiana Academy, and some seemed pretty amazed by the experiences I described. I will admit, going to the academy is the single greatest decision I’ve ever made. Through that school I was able to have experiences beyond anything I ever imagined I could, and I know that I am much more prepared for the college experience than the majority of my peers. Yet, there’s still so much I don’t understand.

This summer has left me feeling frazzled. Before college starts, I still have to open a bank account, get a credit card, sign my new lease for my apartment, get a moped, sign off on student loans, move, and figure out how I’m going to survive the next four years of my life. Hearing my new friends think that I already knew how to be an adult was a bit intimidating, because even though I’ve done everything I can to prepare myself for college the last thirteen years of my life, there’s still so much that needs to be done.

What to take away from this:

Wherever you are in the college process, whether you’re still trying to decide where you want to go, you’re anxiously waiting for your top schools to respond to your applications, you’re already admitted, or you’re not even sure you want to go to college, I just want you to know that it’s okay to not know what’s going on. It’s okay to not know where you want to go or what you want to do. In the end everyone is just trying to make the best decisions we can for ourselves. Even if you’re someone like me, who’s done as much as they felt like they can to prepare themselves their whole lives, but still feels lost.

Remember that although life is going to get hectic, you are still young and have time to go back on decisions. If you want to major in Dance and everyone in your life is telling you that’s a terrible idea, listen to your heart. Would you rather spend the next two years in Dance and then decide that it’s not really what you want to do, or never pursue your dream and always wish that you had? Who knows, maybe your dream will work out for you and you’ll be dancing on Broadway after graduation! Now is the time for you to feel lost. Now is the time for you to make bad decisions, fall down, and pick yourself back up. I’m not condoning recklessness, but please don’t let your fears stop you from being the best person you can possibly be. Besides, my job on this blog is to help you out when you feel lost, even if I feel lost sometimes myself. I might not know how to do my taxes yet, but I can explain to you the process of finding an apartment, teach you how to make a realistic budget for yourself even based off the gravest of financial situations, and tell you 100 different ways to make Instant Ramen taste better.

I’m really excited to take this journey with all of you, and I hope that by the end of the next four years both you and I feel like even if we might not always know what’s going on, we’ll have a better idea of how to figure it out.


See you soon friends,



Sebastian Dorrance

Sebastian Dorrance

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) 2020. Neuroscience major.
Sebastian Dorrance

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  1. Steven Lin says:

    Great story and advice Sebastian! Can’t wait to hear what’s going on at IUPUI!

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