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As I’m writing this particular post, I’m enjoying the closing of my senior summer. The graduation parties have long been over and your “real” friends stayed up long past dawn talking about past memories and future plans. The planned family trip has already happened and I’ve stayed up more hours playing video games than I would like to admit. Now, I’m all alone, writing this blog while my friends are dispersed all across the state, save my roommate, who is only a 10 minute drive from my house. Wait, wait. Back up is probably what you’re thinking right? High school senior? Friends dispersed all across the state? Roommate?? What kind of high school did he go to? Or was it college? Here, let me explain.

My sophomore year I received an invitation from the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities to attend one of their orientations for next year’s incoming junior class. I was not only exhilarated at the opportunities the residential high school for high ability kids would be able to offer, but how well it would complement my talents and needs. The Academy offers probably the largest selection of classes available at any public high school ranging from African American Literature to Appalachian Regional History, Forensics to Discrete Mathematics, and that’s not including the 20+ Dual Credit and AP classes as well as 7 different languages. Anything the Academy didn’t offer, we could take it through Ball State University, where the Academy is located. So yeah, the second I got home I printed out the 17 page application packet and started filling it out. The next day I asked my teachers to write recommendation letters for me, started working on my essays and breaking the news to my closest friends. Within a month I turned in my completed packet by the priority deadline and made the decision to enroll if I was accepted. The next two years were a blur.

You know the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Most people wouldn’t consider multiple 2 a.m. all nighters writing history essays, 3 hours to solve one pre-calculus problem, doing your own laundry, taking responsibility of all your actions and slightly above mediocre food on days that end in “y” (actually the food was pretty good most times), a lot of fun, but I did. And maybe because I’m weird, but there honestly was much more to that. I remember the long nights I would stay up with my bros even though we weren’t supposed to be in each other’s rooms past curfew (don’t worry, college will most likely not have curfews, we were still minors at that point), spending hours talking to my favorite teachers about the class or new ides, seeing my friends everyday (could be good or bad I guess), and late night Chinese food and cookie runs without asking your parents if you can go as the better parts of my Academy experience. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I also fell in love with my beautiful girlfriend whom I met at the Academy. Through the good and bad, I have to say it definitely shaped me not only as a different person, but a better one. The pre-college, Academy experience is definitely something I would sign up to do over and over again.

So where does that leave us? Well, for the reader, you, you’re probably doing your college research right now and landed on this page for some reason. Good, that’s what we are here for. I started this blog with a couple of my friends who went to the same residential high school with me to write about our mini “college” experience and give you advice based on their experiences to help your survive college. We will also offer our advice on how to apply, tips on where and factors to consider before applying and answering any questions you may have. As we continue our collegiate adventure, we will provide weekly updates on how our lives are going so you can live real college experiences through us instead of going through blogs that are over 10 years old and not up to date. Our blogs will be unfiltered and not affiliated with any college so you won’t be plastered with annoying ads that say “APPLY TO IU NOW”, which you should anyways because it is a top tier school if you want to major in business, music, biology, teaching, medicine, and law. We will have our full time bloggers who will document their whole college experience and also each week we will have “Feature Week” where we invite students from a particular university or pursuing a specific major to blog for a full week to give you insight on a typical week at a certain school or major. If you have a request, comment or contact us below! If you ask any questions, we will be sure to answer them either through the comments or write a full post on the topic. So yeah, we’ll keep you updated weekly with exciting new adventures and probably some not as exciting if the whole week consists of homework and finals. For now, I have to round up all my Indiana University, Kelley School of Business gear and get ready for the fall semester!

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